Benadryl vs Ativan Comparison


Benadryl vs Ativan Comparison

Drugs are available to help you feel better and treat illnesses that you suffer from. Not knowing what each drug is used for can be disadvantageous. Hence, when you compare Benadryl and Ativan, one should first what each drug is all about and then take whichever medication is ideal for the condition. The following is a description of both Benadryl and Ativan, and also the differences between the two drugs.


Known as the brand of Diphenhydramine, Benadryl is a highly popular drug that is used in the treatment of allergies, colds and even short-term anxiety conditions. The drug is well-known for its antihistamine properties and can aid in relieving symptoms like itchiness, watery eyes, nasal congestion, runny nose, rashes, hives, and other such symptoms. Benadryl has other extensive off-label uses.


This is a very important medication that is used to treat patients with different anxiety conditions. Ativan is the generic formulation of Lorazepam, which is a benzodiazepine that works by affecting the central nervous system. The drug is indicated for the short-term treatment of different anxiety conditions. The drug also has many off-label uses and the dosage is determined based on the condition being treated. Ativan helps restores the natural chemicals that are enhanced so as to get the body to fight the symptoms of anxiety. It is essential to take this medication only according to the doctor’s instructions as otherwise the drug can easily build dependence and also cause severe withdrawal symptoms.

Benadryl vs Ativan – What are the differences between these two drugs?

Benadryl causes sleepiness as a side effect and not all users would be fine with this. Some persons may have allergies often or during particular seasons. Whatever be the case, taking Benadryl would help in controlling the allergy symptoms but would cause the individual to feel drowsy for a few hours. One should also be careful regarding potentially harmful drug interactions when other medications are taken at the same time. Ativan is very useful as the short-term treatment with this drug is enough to overcome the problem. There are lesser side effects and even fewer drug interactions. The main precaution with taking Ativan is the risk of withdrawal symptoms.

Both Ativan and Benadryl have their dissimilarities but they are effective for the conditions being used. One can decide on which drug to take by consulting with the healthcare provider. Ativan can be availed only with a prescription. With Benadryl there are many over-the-counter variants available on that may be used at any time get relief at any time without going through the hassle of getting a prescription for each allergic reaction. Go by the severity of your health condition while choosing one drug over the other. If taking Ativan for your anxiety or sleep problems, always do so only under the guidance of your healthcare provider. If Benadryl does not work very well for you then consult your doctor to get prescribed to take a more potent drug like Ativan for relief from your symptoms.